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Justin Phillips E-commerce Review

Justin Phillips Ecommerce Review is a 7-figure entrepreneur who makes money by teaching people how to grow their Shopify brands. He also co-founded the clothing brand Support Black Colleges and has partnered with celebrities and athletes like Lil Baby and Corey Arvinger.

His e-commerce course teaches people how to choose trending products and generate traffic. He also shares his secret strategy for generating revenue, including cloning successful brands and reaching out to influencers.

The Last Ecom Training is a comprehensive course that can teach you how to build an e-commerce business from the ground up. It covers everything from choosing the right product to creating a website and using email marketing. The course also includes strategies to promote your products and reach out to influencers. It’s important to choose a course that is taught by an instructor who has experience in the industry. Look for instructors with business or marketing degrees, or who have owned an eCommerce business.

One of the biggest challenges in running an e-commerce business is dealing with returns and refunds. This is especially true if you’re dropshipping. In these cases, customers will often return or exchange products because they are dissatisfied with the quality of their purchase. This can be costly for a small online store. However, the Last Ecom Training course teaches you how to handle such cases without losing your customers.

Another benefit of the Last Ecom Training is that it teaches you how to use social media to market your products. This can be very helpful in generating sales, especially if you’re starting your business from scratch. In addition, the course also covers how to find and sell niche-specific products.

Taking an ecommerce course can be a great way to cut down on your learning curve and boost your business profits. It can also help you to make a more informed decision about which business model to follow. It can also teach you how to take control of your business with platforms like Shopify, find trendy products, and do customer research.

Justin Phillips is a graduate of Howard University, a Historically Black College or University (HBCU). He is a philanthropist who has dedicated himself to helping others achieve their dreams. He is also an avid reader and enjoys educating himself on different topics so that he can share his knowledge with others. His dedication to giving back has made him a successful entrepreneur and mentor. He has also created several brands that have earned him seven-figures in revenue.

Justin Phillips is a 7-figure entrepreneur who has built several successful online businesses. He has a passion for giving back and helping others achieve success. He has partnered with NBA 2K and other brands to teach other entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses. He has a unique ability to analyze trends and create profitable on-demand products. He also teaches how to choose trending products that will generate traffic and sales.

In his course, Justin reveals three secret strategies for business growth. These include cloning successful ecommerce sites, reaching out to influencers, and generating traffic on social media. He also explains how to use free tools to build and customize a website. These tools are useful for beginners who want to save money on web design. The course is a great investment for new entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in the ecommerce industry.

Justin grew up in a single-parent home where his mother worked three jobs to pay the bills. He went to Howard University and studied audio production. After graduating, he began a career in entrepreneurship and has since made over seven figures in the ecommerce industry. He is the co-founder of the clothing brand Support Black Colleges and a passionate supporter of HBCUs.

He has a wide range of knowledge in the ecommerce industry and is happy to share his expertise with new entrepreneurs. He has also written a book called “The Last Ecom Training.” It’s a comprehensive guide for people who are new to the business and want to learn how to succeed in it. The book is full of advice and tips that will help you grow your ecommerce business.

Justin Phillips is a 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses and has a passion for supporting HBCUs. He founded the clothing brand Support Black Colleges with his business partner Corey Arvinger. He also plays professional gridiron football for the Calgary Stampeders in the CFL. He is a dedicated entrepreneur who believes in giving back to his community and loves working in the sports industry.

His course, The Last Ecom Training, teaches entrepreneurs how to generate traffic and grow their online store on the Shopify platform. The program costs $1,497 and teaches entrepreneurs how to use social media to drive traffic and make sales. It also teaches them how to create a website for their business in less than one minute. The program includes three secret strategies that are proven to help entrepreneurs make money in the ecommerce industry. These strategies include cloning successful ecommerce brands, reaching out to influencers, and generating traffic on social media platforms.

The course offers a 30-day money back guarantee, and is available in video format. It also teaches entrepreneurs how to use free tools to build and customize their website. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of technical experience or a large budget.

Another advantage of the course is that it teaches entrepreneurs how to reach out to influencers on Instagram to promote their products. This is a great way to boost sales and increase brand awareness. The course also teaches students how to optimize their site for SEO, which is crucial for generating traffic and sales.

Justin Phillips is a proud HBCU alumnus and founder of the Last eCom Co LLC. He is known for his work with HBCUs and is a master in marketing and dropshipping. He is a humble powerhouse who has defied the odds that were stacked against him early in life. This Howard University alum is an absolute beast in sales, marketing, and the mastery of eCommerce. His marketing strategies have led to partnerships and campaigns with NBA, NBA 2k, and a multitude of other multi billion dollar brands.

Getting an influencer to endorse your product can be a great way to build brand awareness and increase sales. However, it is important to reach out to the right influencers and understand how to reach them effectively. Many influencers are often flooded with comments and requests from their followers, so it is crucial to stand out and give them something of value in return before asking for a collaboration. This may include sharing their content, commenting on their posts, or simply engaging with them on social media. Once they have given you some value, it is likely that they will be more willing to work with your brand.

A good way to reach out to an influencer is to email them directly. This will make them feel like you are interested in their content and want to help them succeed. Try using templates to keep your emails consistent, and leave space for personal details such as their name and why you are reaching out to them. For example, Gigi Kovach, a part-time lifestyle influencer, said that she keeps a pitch bank of email templates to use when reaching out to brands for collaborations.

You can also use tools to find influencers in your niche. For example, BuzzSumo allows you to search for influencers that have shared content about a certain topic. It will also show you their audience size and engagement levels. The tool is free to use, but paid plans start at $79 per month.

Another great way to reach out to influencers is by sending them a direct message on social media. This will allow you to avoid the clutter of inboxes and ensure that your message is seen. It is also a great way to build a relationship with an influencer and get your content in front of a larger audience.

Justin Phillips is a 7-figure entrepreneur who has built multiple businesses and is passionate about supporting HBCUs. He and his business partner Corey Arvinger have founded the clothing brand Support Black Colleges, which has been supported by celebrities and athletes such as Lil Baby, Gunna, Teyana Taylor, and Chris Paul. They have also been featured on podcasts such as Earn Your Leisure and Dormtainment.